Political Action E-Mail #1

Greetings, members of Local 712,
Thank you for your participation in filling out the contact information cards. This communication update tool now contains over 4,000 emails. This tool is designed to ensure effective communication between your organization and you, the members of local 712. This will allow us to keep you informed of the social and political issues that are at the heart of our concerns.
In March 2013, our local was represented by 5 delegates at the first conference on political action organized by the Canadian Labor Congress (CLC). 1480 delegates were present from different Canadian provinces.
At this conference, a statement of caution was given; Beware of anti-Union policies put forward by various levels of Government.
Another finding was the lack of communication and information on the part of organizations to their members.
The Executive Committee of Locale Lodge 712 took a position to communicate more information on social and political issues. Which intern will advocate trade union education.
In a future communiqué, I will try to explain two bills introduced in the House of Commons of Canada, Bill C-377 and C-525, as well as a follow up.
We are in the process of completely rebuilding our website, which will be updated regularly as soon as it’s online. We will keep you posted on future developments.
As the old aphorism says: “it is together in which we will build great things…”
Eric Rancourt
Vice President and head of political action
IAMAW, Local Lodge 712