Political Action E-Mail #2

Hello to you all, members of Local Lodge 712,

As agreed we’re back to explain the Bill tabled by the Conservative Government which is called BILL C-525. In one sentence: it is an attack on our recruitment and on the retention of our service capabilities.
Conservatives use bills from their members to avoid having to be accountable and transparent.
When the Government introduces a Bill, it must be justified, explained and defended at the House of Commons. However, if it tables a bill from one of its members, the Government has no account to render and is not bound by transparency.
That is why the Harper Government, has tabled this Bill by passing through Blaine Calkins, the conservative representing the riding of Wetaskiwin in Alberta.
That includes Bill C-525:
At the present time, Federal Law allows Union certifications on the basis of verifying signed cards. This Bill would require the holding of a vote for any deposit of Union certification under federal jurisdiction.
The holding of a vote would be conditional that 45% of workers concerned have signed a card. But for all accreditation voting or accreditation withdrawal, the Union would need a majority vote of all members in the bargaining unit to obtain or maintain Union certification. All members who have not voted would be deemed having voted against their Union.
It is a Bill in one of the largest conservative strategies to weaken trade unions and ultimately wipe them off the map.
Bill C-525 was deposited in the House of Commons on June 6, 2013 and readings will be made during the 2013 autumn parliamentary session.
You’ll have a regular follow-up on the evolution of this Bill.

Eric Rancourt
Vice-President and head of political action
Local Lodge 712