The Union representing Air Canada employees are calling on the senate concerning Bill C- 10



International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

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The Union representing Air Canada employees are calling on the senate concerning Bill C- 10

After having met with many federal Members of Parliament from all parties, and having made a presentation to the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers (IAMAW) now turns to the Senate. Wishing to make obstacle to Bill C-10, which was introduced by the Minister of Transport Marc Garneau, the IAMAW wants to raise the awareness of the Senate on the dangerousness of the bill for the jobs in the field of aircraft maintenance. Quebec senators, Claude Carignan and Leo Housakos have already been met by representatives of the IAMAW.

“If the bill is approved by the House of Commons, before arriving at its final acceptance, it will inevitably make its way to the Senate for the purpose of study and vote, explains the Quebec coordinator of the IAMAW David Chartrand. We therefore want to explain to the senators that this bill threatens not only thousands of jobs in the field of aircraft maintenance, but also more widely, it threatens the industry, there is no emergency to adopt this Bill. ”


For years, the IAMAW has been promoting the adoption of a pan-Canadian aerospace policy for the aerospace industry which request the active involvement of the federal government for the consolidation of the aerospace industry and for the protection of its jobs. “This is a promising sector in full growth everywhere in the world, supports David Chartrand. Countries with strong economies such as Germany, France, the United States, but also of the countries with economies in development such as Morocco, China, Brazil are endowed with a strong aerospace industry. The latter are involved in its development by investing in research, training and the development of enterprises and new avant-garde products. In short, these governments are perfectly aware of the fact that this industry has a potential for economic development that will be a benefit to society as a whole. Why here would we go directly in the opposite direction by promoting a carrier who seeks only to enrich its shareholders to the detriment of Canadian workers. ”


The speed at which Minister Garneau wants to accept his bill is a way to avoid reflections and consultations according to the IAMAW. “The Trudeau government took the decision to accelerate the process of the adoption of this Bill by shortening the debates with the intention to see the least possible stakeholders express themselves in this case. Bill C-10 does everything for Air Canada and nothing for the workers and the Canadian people; government is attempting to ensure that the citizens not be informed. In addition, it is difficult to understand that the Liberal government wants to change a law, which would remove job protection at Air Canada when they are asking for job protection in exchange for assistance to Bombardier This makes absolutely no sense. In my eyes we should not have to choose between the two, it is the jobs of all Canadians who deserve to be promoted, defended and protected by the actions of the government. It is unforgivable to be treated this way by the representatives that we have chosen democratically and we are going to denounce it in every forum we can in the hope that the Liberals find their reason,” concludes David Chartrand

The IAMAW represents 15 000 members in Quebec, and more than 50 000 in Canada, including 16 000 in the airline and aerospace industries.

The IAMAW is the most important union in the air transportation industry in the world, throughout North America, the IAMAW represents over 700 000 members.



From left to right: Senator Leo Housakos (Welington, Québec) the IAMAW Quebec Coordinator, David Chartrand, The QFL Secretary General, Serge Cadieux, Senator Claude Carignan (Champlain,Québec) and IAMAW District 11 Business Representative, Éric Rancourt.