Promoting the use of the French language in our workplace is the francisation committees mandate. The charter provides that:  the committee perform linguistic analysis and sees to the development of a program in our workplace. It is the Quebec Office of the French language (OLF) that analyzes the content and approves the program. The Committee ensures the implementation of the program so that it may achieve its objectives. Once the OLF considers that its objectives have been achieved, the company receives its francization certificate. The certificate is not a guarantee of sustainable francisation for the future, or proof that it is no longer in need to improve the status and quality of  the french language. The Charter also requires that a signed report be submited to the Office by the committee on the development of French in the workplace. Our union’s position has not changed; the French language must remain the primary language in our workplace, while not limiting the use of other languages.

Francization Committee
Peter Bilikas
Benoit Bourassa
Brigitte Pelletier