IMPORTANT MESSAGE for Airbus Canada bargaining unit members April 30th, 2020

Brothers & Sisters,

Late yesterday afternoon, the employer notified us of its intention to proceed with approximately 350 temporary layoffs among IAMAW members on May 4th. In this situation, it is the collective agreement (Article 12) that will apply since there has been no break of the employment relation since March 24th.

As of this morning, we have begun discussions with the employer for members who will be at home due to the partial recovery in the manufacturing sector, announced by the Quebec government, for the period of May 4th to 11th, 2020 (dates scheduled for the partial return of activities).

In the early afternoon, we came to an agreement. Despite the ambiguity of the last few days regarding the qualification to the CEWS, we have obtained an agreement from the employer that for the week of May 4th to 11th, a payment of $847, less applicable deductions, will be paid to all those who are scheduled to return on May 11th. Even if the decision to access the grant (CEWS) is not accepted the sums will be paid to a little over 470 members.

For those currently at work, please note that the collective agreement applies in its entirety.

Another important element is that the agreement we have negotiated to maintain the employment relationship of all members with the additional 25% of income will expire on May 4th.

With respect to the layoff notice, a grievance will be filed. In the event that the layoff is expected to extend beyond 6 months, notice would be paid to affected members in monetary form.

Finally, we have made all the necessary representations to minimize the number of layoffs. We can only be disappointed that we did not convince the employer to maintain the employment relationship of all workers in this difficult economic environment.

As soon as we have further developments, we will keep you informed.

To read the agreement, click on the following link.

In solidarity,

Yvon Payment, President Loca Lodgel 712 IAMAW

Eric Rancourt, Business Representative District 11 IAMAW