Join the Local 712 and AIM

We are a strong union of more than 50,000 workers across Canada who share common goals of justice in employment , security for the family and community service .

The Machinists Union is in full swing

We are moving to expand the family of workers who believe that their union is the best guarantee of security in a workplace increasingly complex and uncertain .

We’re talking about a democratic union with strong traditions of local autonomy where it is the members who run it.

The union that began with the railroads at the beginning of the century today embraces a wide range of human endeavors .

We are now the largest union of workers in the airline industry in Canada , representing more than 16,000 workers in almost all sectors of the industry. It rightly said that “If it flies , you can bet your bottom dollar that the IAMAW contributes .”

We represent workers in the aerospace industry , the manufacture of aircraft and aircraft parts , helicopters , engines , pulp and paper, auto parts , heavy equipment and light , agricultural equipment, refrigerators, stoves , trucks , buses , mobile homes , boats, scales, presses, pools, conveying systems , pens, industrial pumps , glass beads , dog food , radios , cosmetics , lighting , posters , electric motors , lifts, snow blowers , nails and staples, wall coverings, hockey sticks, the kitchen utensils, furniture for offices , valves for submarines, and even milk and cookies.

The IAMAW members are active in the public sector with school boards , municipal ambulance services and hydro commissions.

We work in industries such as confidentiality Atomic Energy of Canada and maintain the impression of the Canadian company banknotes essential equipment.

We work in the printing industry and publishing as well as in university research laboratories .

We work in sales and automotive service and trucks.

You will find IAMAW members work in offices across Canada in a wide range of occupations that are part of our new information society .

And we are proud of our association with international workers across North America in the IAMAW , mainly in the new global economy.

We are affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress and two world council of trade unions representing workers in industries similar to ours – the International Transport Workers’ Federation and the International Federation of organizations Metalworkers .

Our locals are affiliated with the workers’ councils and provincial labor federations throughout the coast.

Many faces. Various skills. One union.

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