Message to members of the Stelia St. Laurent bargaining Unit (IAMAW Local Lodge 712)

Brothers, sisters,

Our last discussions with Stelia Saint-Laurent’s representatives revealed that the company was qualified for Canada’s Emergency Wage Subsidy Program (CEWS).

This news confirms that you will be able to keep your employment link from April 15th to May 4th inclusively.

Maintaining the employment link allows you to benefit from your group insurance (full coverage) and to continue contributing to your pension fund until May 4th.

The weekly salary you will be paid will be $847 less the applicable deductions. This represents 75% of the maximum amount covered by the program.

This being said, negotiations with Stelia St. Laurent are not over. We are waiting to see if the employer qualifies for the period of March 15th to April 14th. If Stelia qualifies it could have an impact on the “negative banking.”

Although negotiations are still ongoing, we can already confirm that you remain employed by Stelia and are not unemployed or on the Emergency Assistance Program (PCU).

As soon as a formal agreement is concluded, we will get back to you with more details.