Message to members of the Stelia Unit

Agreement between Stelia Saint-Laurent and the Machinists’ Union: the employer is added to the list of companies that will maintain the employment relationship and benefits of their workers

 A week after reaching an agreement for the Airbus unit, your union representatives were able to negotiate an agreement for the Stelia Saint-Laurent unit.

Even if you can’t work at the moment you will keep your employment link with Stelia until May 4th inclusively.

Your access to full group insurance coverage and contributions to your pension plan are maintained.

Earlier this week we announced that Stelia St Laurent qualified for Canada’s Emergency Wage Subsidy Program (CEWS) for the period of April 13th to May 4th. This qualification guarantees you a gross weekly income of $847 until May 4 inclusively.

In addition to the qualification for the period from April 13th to May 4th, the qualification for the period of March 15th to April 12th was added. By covering the entire planned production shutdown period, Stelia’s qualification to the CEWS allowed us to negotiate a reduction in your “Negative Banking”.

Your new agreement reduces the number of negative bank hours you have had to accumulate to receive regular pay over the past three weeks. For people who earn more than $21.18 per hour the 96 hours that were required to insure 100% of your pay from March 24th to April 15th has been reduced to 39 hours.  For those earning less than $21.18/hour, your discount will be calculated in proportion to the grant received.

In the end, this agreement is more advantageous than Employment Insurance or the Emergency Wage Benefit (CEWB).

In any negotiation, communication, respect and transparency between the two parties are necessary to reach a satisfactory agreement. As was the case with Airbus, the open-mindedness and frankness of Stelia’s representatives were a significant asset to this agreement.

In closing, we would like to remind you that we made exactly the same requests to Bombardier, Stelia and Airbus.

To see the full content of the agreement, click on the following link. Exceptional Agreement (SteliaIAM)