Message to The Machinist Union Members of the Airbus bargaining Unit (IAMAW Local Lodge 712)

Message to The Machinist Union Members of the Airbus bargaining Unit (IAMAW Local Lodge 712)

Brothers, sisters,

Since the beginning of this unprecedented crisis, our goal has been to protect you, defend your rights and prevent the negative impacts this pandemic could have on you and your family.

In response to the Quebec government’s decision to extend the closure of “non-essential” businesses until May 4th, the union immediately resumed discussions with several employers in Local Lodge 712 bargaining units.

Late last night, we reached an agreement with Airbus Canada.

Even if you can’t work, your job link will be maintained until May 5th. This will allow you to continue to benefit from your group insurance and contribute to your pension plan. The employer will also continue their contribution.

Your compensation will be adjusted to the insurable maximum of $57,800 per year. So, you will receive $1111.54 per week less applicable deductions, if your usual hourly rate is $27.79 or more.

If your hourly rate is less than $27.79 you will receive this hourly rate x 40 hours each week.

The new agreement also reduces the number of negative bank hours you have had to accumulate to receive regular pay over the past three weeks.

Please note that the summer shutdown period (shut down) will be split in two. One week from April 25th to May 1st and the other two weeks according to the collective agreement.

In the end, regardless of your situation, it will be more advantageous than Employment Insurance or the Canadian emergency response benefit (CERB).

Your representatives from Local Lodge 712 have made the exact same requests in several of their units without getting any concrete results yet.

To meet its obligations, Airbus will use the Government of Canada’s Emergency Wage Subsidy Program. During our discussions, however, we convinced Airbus to do even more.

We welcome the open-mindedness Airbus has demonstrated in agreeing to increase the government’s maximum of $847 per week and maintain your benefits. Following our requests, Airbus is doing its part so that you can reach 100% of the maximum insurable.

To see the full content of the agreement, click on the following link: Exceptional agreement AIRBUS COVID ENGLISH