Non-unionized employees at Bombardier in the process of organizing themselves with the IAMAW


Unhappy with the state of the relationship with their employer, non union workers in the Bombardier offices have taken steps with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers (IAMAW) to join their ranks. The un-organized workforce holding various positions throughout all Bombardier Aerospace sites in the greater Montreal area have had enough.

More and more office workers consider that they are not being treated fairly by Bombardier. Anger and frustration are currently at their highest and employees have decided to take their future in hand by joining the IAMAW to establish a climate of justice and respect in their relations with the employer.

“Several of the employees we have met have expressed that over the recent years the unorganized have seen their benefits unilaterally reduced without them having been able to refuse these measures or even negotiate them as is the case of unionized workers. Their job security is virtually nonexistent; the employer has demanded concessions in their working conditions, and they have lost many of their colleagues at work due to outsourcing and subcontracting arrangements. These workers feel they must organize and join a Union so that they may have the chance to negotiate collectively their terms and have their rights respected, explains the Quebec Coordinator for the IAMAW, David Chartrand.

The organizing drive was initiated at the request of office workers; we are pleasantly surprised by their courage and their determination. Workers have shared a lot with us about ways to improve their conditions of employment and we intend to support them in order to reach positive results. By working together, we will obtain a contract for these hard working people who deserve nothing less than to receive assistance and advice when the employer wants to change the terms of their employment. It will also benefit them, as they will be able vote on and negotiate the terms that have an impact on their daily work.


It was reported to us that due to cuts in staff at Bombardier, the company has been expecting twice as much on the part of non-Union employees who now have fewer resources. By being more demanding toward their workforce, the pressure has become unbearable for the employees. The employees are proud to contribute to the manufacturing of airplanes that are among the best in the world and they are devoted themselves to the success of the company. “However, they feel that they have the right to be respected, they want to work with dignity and they have come to the conclusion that the only way to achieve this is through unionization concludes David Chartrand.


For any information regarding the organizing campaign employees can call the following numbers.

All calls will be treated with confidentiality

Organizer 514-914-0317

District Office 514-956-1578