Pan-Canadian Aerospace Policy

Tuesday September 8th, 2015                                                                                           for immediate release


Pan-Canadian Aerospace Policy

The Machinists Union applauds the NDP initiative

Montreal- The N.D.P’s commitment towards the support and promotion of a pan-Canadian aerospace policy is breathing new life into the industry at time when the Canadian economy is in need of a helping hand from the government.

« Canada’s economic data, especially within the manufacturing sector is pretty bad right now. An Aerospace Policy could bring a much needed boost for the whole economy, notably for Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Canada’s aerospace sector represents 76 000 direct jobs spread over 700 businesses with over 200 alone being found in the Province of Quebec. It is a major job sector which the Government should promote so that we can resist the rise of China, India, Brazil and Russia, all of which benefit from the support of their Governments to their National industries, why not us? Canada ranks last concerning Government support in research, innovation and development, it has to change» declared David Chartrand, Quebec Coordinatorf the Machinists Union.

Promoting the growth of the aerospace industry can have a significant positive impact on multiple sectors. With today’s announcement, The N.D.P s has positioned itself as the party the most apt to serve Canadian citizens within a very short time frame.


«Cutting-edge companies are already present within Canada. Montreal’s aerospace industry ranks third globally, It is of the utmost importance that the government adopt a coherent policy which will enable this industry to achieve the next level and that’s exactly what the NDP will allow it to do. The adoption of a policy which favors local purchases in a sector which boasts an added value for Canadians, will not only lead to the creation and maintaining of jobs for the middle class but will also stimulate research and innovation. All Canadians will benefit by such a measure, from researchers in our Universities to workers in our plants, this policy will initiate a real change for our economy. It is with this kind of initiative that an effective redistribution of wealth will occur and diversify our economy with the entire country benefiting», concludes David Chartrand.



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Guillaume Valois

Press Secretary-Public Relations