Political Action E-Mail #6

Hello members of local 712,

Over the course of summer the social and political activities have been rather quiet at the local. Autumn is shaping up to being quite the opposite:  Mobilization is needed…


The people’s social forum was held in Ottawa from August 21st to 24th. It was the first time that the French, English and Native community met to set a common goal:  converge to defeat the austerity policies of the Conservative government by means of electoral defeat. Seven members of local lodge 712 attended the forum. On August 21st the forum began with a march on parliament hill in Ottawa, Local lodge 712 had 40 representatives present.


Simultaneously in Quebec, a parliamentary committee was held at the National Assembly with two of local lodges’ representatives on the scene to capture live information from various parties regarding Bill 3 regarding pensions in the public service sector.


Bill 3 is an attack on pension plans. It is essential that we align ourselves with this cause because at the present moment it’s the public sector and tomorrow, it will bring the fight to us in the private sector, this is why we ask you to be present in large numbers at the BIG EVENT -ON SEPTEMBER 20th, 2014 at Parc Lafontaine in Montreal.


The week before the event, Shop Stewards will provide you with the location of the rallying point of the Machinists Union.


On August 27th, I met Mylène Freeman, federal MP for the riding of Argenteuil – Mirabel. Among the issues discussed, the petition to be filed shortly in the House of Commons to stop plans to demolish the Mirabel terminal. We gave our support to this petition because we believe it would be premature to proceed without exploring all possibilities. We believe there should be discussions between Montreal Airport authority, the community of Mirabel and its economic and political stakeholders before any decisions be carried out.


A petition is circulating through your union representatives at each plant. It is important that it be signed in order to show labor solidarity of Local 712 within a short period of time, The deadline is September 9th.


I will ensure that all developments in regards to social and political issues that affect us will continue to be shared.


We must take care of the politics before it takes care of us.


In solidarity,

Eric Rancourt

Vice president and responsible for political action

Local lodge 712