Political Action E-Mail #7

Hello members of Local 712,

A major protest against government austerity policies has been planned for
November 29th at 1 pm.

We ask that all members of Local 712 come to the rally so that we may have a strong presence. For members who are part of the Bombardier unit, it will be held on the day following the expiration of the collective agreement.

Please share in this opportunity to show the employer that we stand together.
Information on the location for the meeting place of the Machinists Union, will be provided by shop stewards in the week preceding the protest.

Back in October 2013, I had explained Bill C-377 as follows:

Bill C-377, is an act to amend the revenue income tax act (Labor Organizations), was presented as a draft bill on December 5, 2011 to the House of Commons. This Bill stipulates that the income tax act should be amended so that all trade unions are required to submit detailed annual financial statements on wages, income and expenses. This information would be published on the Canadian Revenue Agency website (CRA) and accessible to the general public, so that employers also would have access to the finances of trade unions in collective bargaining which would considerably reduce union strength…

The Lobbying done by unions had appeared to have worked, the Senate had considerably amended the bill, much to the discontent of the Conservatives and Mr. Harper
Since then, Parliament was prorogued, forcing all bills which had been amended, including bill C-377, being forced to return to their original form.

Unfortunately, this time around, some of the Senators who have left office have been replaced by other Conservative supporters. It is for this reason that Local 712 with the support of IAMAW Canadian office have sent a personalized letter to every Senator expressing the position of the Machinists Union in regards to Bill C-377.
Please go to Local 712’s new website to see the letter at: www.aimta712.org

It is important for the working class to participate in political action so that we may protect all of our rights and privileges which were hard fought.
Look forward to seeing you on November 29th.

In solidarity,

Eric Rancourt

Vice President and
Head of political action
Local Lodge 712