Political Action


HarperIn June of 2013,  local 712 created the position of “person responsible” for political action and also formed a Mobilization Committee.
The person responsible for political action is appointed by the Executive committee of Local 712 and has the mandate to chair the mobilization committee, to be the spokesperson for political action and ensure the link between the local and political bodies.
The person responsible for political action also has the following mandates:
Attend seminars, conferences, congress, fundraising … on political action and must submit a report to the executive.
Inform the network of delegate (s) from the local any news comprising of political action.
Keep an updated list of email addresses of the local’s members and is responsible for sending electronic communications on behalf of the Executive Committee.
It has the mandate to establish contacts with influential people in politics, including politicians, the media and leaders of community organizations.

Mobilization Committee
The mobilization committee is appointed by the Executive of the Local. It is composed of seven representatives from different plants / units under the jurisdiction of Local 712.
Its mandate is to establish an action plan to mobilize membership for events such as demonstrations and rallies and ensures the information provided to delegate (s) is sent to members within their jurisdictions.


Responsable for Political Action
Eric Goudreau

Committee Members

Marc-André Farmer
Andrée-Julie Boudrias
Yvonnick Vigneault
Sonia Thériault
Jean-Marc Brunet
Marc Gallant
Stéphane Paré