Grievance and Shop Committee



The Grievance and Shop Committee sees to the well-being of  members of Local Lodge 712. This committee is built on a solid foundation, our shop stewards.

The involvement of the committee goes beyond the processing of complaints and grievances; it is also involved with the employers programs which affect unionized employees so that members’ concerns and rights are respected.

When you have questions in regards to the collective agreement or your rights at work, your shop steward is the best person to answer you. When the employer wants to meet with you, it is your right to demand the presence of your union representative, who will see to your rights being upheld.

All shop stewards are trained as social stewards so that they may be equipped with the proper tools to provide support to members who may find themselves experiencing personal difficulties of any kind. We offer various training to our stewards so that they may offer you the services you deserve. The courses given focus on the application of the collective agreement, health and safety laws and social wellbeing to name but a few.

Stewards are the link between you and our various services whether it be the grievance office, health and safety, employee assistance program (EAP) or the Executive Committee. Without them, it would be difficult if not impossible to provide a service that meets your needs and expectations.

It is also important to remember that once you arrive in a new department, it is your right and the supervisor’s obligation to introduce you to your new Shop Steward.