Health and Safety


Affiche 28 avril 2006Health and Safety representatives

The health and safety representatives’ mandate is seeing that the law on health and safety (Known as: Loi sur la santé et la sécurité)
and the regulations on health and safety at work (Known as Règlements sur la santé et la sécurité du travail) is being respected.
In addition, under section 279 of the Act respecting workplace accidents and occupational illnesses, they must also help workers when making a claim to the CNESST (formerly CSST)


The health and safety representative also see to (art.90):
1° to inspect workplaces
2° To investigate after receiving a copy of the “notice of accident“ 
3° Identify situations that can be dangerous for workers
4° To make the appropriate recommendations to the health and safety committee, to workers or their certified association and their employer.
5° To assist workers in exercising their rights stipulated by  Acts, Laws and regulations.
6 Accompany the inspector when inspections are taking place.
7° Intervene in cases when an employee exercises his right of refusal.
8° File a complaint with the commission
9° Participate in workstation evaluations and also sees to the identification of contaminants and hazardous materials present in the workplace as per Article 52.