Charitable Fund

Bombardier Employees Charitable Fund

Did you know that the Charitable Fund is over 60 years old?

Did you know that more than $ 250,000 in donations is paid annually to the various organizations of Greater Montreal?

Did you know that almost $ 18,000 was paid to various organizations in 2014 to encourage volunteering conducted by our members?

For over 60 years now, the Bombardier Employees Charitable Fund has taken upon  the mission to support its members through the causes they hold dear in the fields of health, youth and Community support. From financing specific projects to funding recognized organizations or encouraging volunteer activities, the Fund enables Bombardier employees to support organizations they hold dear to their hearts directly through pay-roll deductions.


For more information, contact us at the following address:

Luigi Di Fruscio (1)

Luigi Di Fruscio Member of the Board of Directors